About Us

TRK oü Realisationcentre is a wholly Estonian owned company that was incorporated in 2001.

Realisationcentre conducts business in Estonia, with its headquarters located in Tartu.

The company employs 9 people and has 3 stores in Estonia.

TRK oü Realsationcentre  is a trading company that specialises in:


    liquidation merchandise,


    bankruptcy sales

  • closeout sales

  • overstock and surplus merchandise,


    reprocessing and resale of salvage goods,


    purchase and resale of goods with damaged packaging,


    insurance salvage and any leftover merchandise.

Our main interests lay in clothing, various types of accessories, household goods, electronic devices, office supplies and office equipment. We buy and sell virtually everything and do not reject any offer.
All offers worldwide will be welcome.Contact

Mr. Raivo Kull
+372 51 13 881


  About Us

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